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FanChants Hungary FC Index Of Football Chants

Hungary FanChants FC Index of the top football chants. Our unique formula for listing the top soccer songs as and when they come out.

2734 Ferencváros Hungary We're Everywhere The Fradi has the most fans in Hungary Playlist
3073 Ferencváros Hungary Fradi-Hymn Another classic chant from Frank City (Ed: Any chance we could have the native lyrics too? Please use the comments section below) Playlist
3622 Hungary Hungary Hungary Hey! One everyone can get into! Magyarország Hej! Playlist
3737 Hungary Hungary Come On Hungary! (drums) Hajrá Magyarország! Playlist
4181 Hungary Hungary Hungarian Team, Hungarian Heart! Great sound here, again back and forth with gusto (Teljes Szívből Szurkolunk) Playlist
4372 Hungary Hungary Transsylvania Will Be Hungary's At the end of World War I, the Allied Powers took Transsylvania away from Hungary, so some of the hungarians want it back Playlist
4829 Hungary Hungary Hungária! Great ringtone for a Hungarian Playlist
5292 Hungary Hungary Come on Hungarians/Magyars! Magyars is Hungarians in Hungarian Playlist
5302 Hungary Hungary Ria Hungaria! Hungarians showing who is boss Playlist
5485 Hungary Hungary Hungary Ole! Makes a good ringtone for a Hungary fan Playlist
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5636 Hungary Hungary Shouting Chant 321! One guy shouts, the rest follow Playlist
5822 Hungary Hungary Hungarians! Great ringtone for a Hungarian supporter Playlist
5964 Hungary Hungary La La Lalalala This is the 'supporter version' of the hungarian folk tales' main song Playlist
6045 Hungary Hungary Hungary chant Great sounding chant from Hungarian fans Playlist
6527 Hungary Hungary Hungary Aaaaaah Not the best quality, sorry Playlist
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